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The HP kids won a lottery. They're not good actors with exceptional talents. I think they grew complacent, esp Emma, over the years, because they got so much hype. They didn't deserve it, but that's the it is with HP. I think Emma is a bit delusional. Just because she's hyped, it doesn't mean people are taking her seriously.

She’s made a few comments post HP about being relieved she’s not being used but she says that because a lot of us (those who are not in fandoms that blindly worship celebrities) know that she is. It’s her own way of keeping the hype alive. She has to realize she is or she really lives in a thick bubble. Her lies will work on her stans and the casual fan but not those who understand beyond the glitz and glamour of hollywood there’s this business that is based off profit just as much as talent BUT money talks regardless of talent. A clean image no matter authentic or not and marketability (looks) will also suffice. 

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Why so rude? We're just talking about EW with more critical thinking skills here. Go away, stans.


I’d love for someone to point one sentence and/or even one post where hate was written, said or thought about Emma Watson. 

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lol ignorant anon is ignorant. It could have been any airline, even Singapore Airlines was 25km away from that Malaysian Airline. It you're going to diss Echee, at least know what you're talking about! ;)

Thank you =)

But I think they were dissing those that were killed more.

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I think all good actors go through a phase of honing their craft. Where they actually learn hard acting lessons, probably for little or no pay, in stageplays or really cheap TV. I'd say all genuine actors has done that but not the HP trio. They were probably cuddled from the beginnning.

I think Dan’s learning that now on stage so there’s hope for him. Rupert is not marketable but at least he’s trying like Dan. Emma is overhyped and was probably the most coddled HP castmate even though Dan was the main star. Because she’s marketable and whatnot in the end her post HP career will probably come across as more successful. Meanwhile at least the other two are trying to hone their craft by stepping out of their comfort zone. Emma takes easy roles with no real depth and predictable ones to boot. 

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I think you actually can be low profile in the show business, you need to be talented, though.

That’s the thing though. She is not talented. She’s more of a celebrity with a fake goodie goodie persona/image than she is a proven talented actress with apparent abilities and range. She can’t afford to be even though I’m totally 100% behind her staying low profile. ;) 

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Echee, turns out that Regression will only be out next year. So she has absolutely no project as of now, aside from the UN thingy. Yes, she's totally 'in-demand'.

Yeah Sue cleared that up for me. I thought this August.

That UN thing is not a full time gig so we’ll see. I’m sure she’ll do something to get in the news because in show business you better not go completely off the radar for too long. Plus she can never stay away for to long. I bet she starts showing up at events just to get photographed, etc. 

Btw I still think a new haircut is coming. 

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I think she's just too used to being babied. HP just fell on her lap and she's been enjoying the perks ever since. Even now, when actresses her 'caliber', who are only moderately attractive, not very sexy, who don't have any acting talents, are struggling, she is still famous and even manages to get endorsement contracts, just by being in HP in the past. The fact that she still complains just shows how immature and ungrateful she is.

I want to create a reality show where you take wealthy celebrities who have everything and put them in environments where people have nothing just to see how they’d respond to it. You know actually make them get up for work each morning (for at least 2 weeks) to go to a shitty job being paid virtually peanuts. I’d put them on a budget that poor people have to live on. I’d put them in run down apartments and bad neighborhoods. To top it all off I’ll make them wear fat and ugly suits so no one recognizes them.

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I think Emma will end up just being a public personality, who is famous just because she's famous, much like Hillary Duff. She will fade for sure, esp when her fan base has grown up. To them, she would be like those memories associated with childhood and teen years when they're younger and more stupid. Without strong presence and achievements, it's very difficult to win over the adult demographic.

That’s where I think she’s going. Someone here or maybe it a few people keep in saying she’s fading. I was thinking about that and she’s fading but with her acting. Her celebrity is still going at the pace it’s always been.