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Plus there are laws against pay bias and discrimination so it’s impossible for employers to get away with that kind of gender inequality. - there are laws for pretty much everything, doesn't mean people really abide them. And I said the same jobs (maybe I should say job position?) but different wage."I think they meant after childbirth and not a sick day" - well there's an option in my country - dad stays at home after childbirth, mom as soon as she can goes to work.

I personally don’t know anyone paid less or more than the other person because of their gender. I know of people paid less or more based on experience and education. I know of people paid more based on the dangers of their job. I know people who end up making more based on how much they worked. I know people who make less because they work less or don’t have an education or know a trade. This ranges from male to female. It’s a diverse thing and all of is based on choice, worth ethic and situation. 

What country you from? 

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Yeah, it's a bit weird, but perhaps there will be one when the actual ceremony is in. The consensus in ONTD is that she's plain and untalented, though, so stans are probably a bit wary, haha. I hope they do a post on it, I want to read the comments. Should be interesting.

True but from what I am reading now it;s like pottershots over there. I guess because we pay attention in great detail while her stans just blindy accept. 

I loved this exchange from the dailymail

Adam, London, United Kingdom, 2 hours ago: Funny how the thousands of women working in the frontline with women in refugee camps, war zones and disaster relief centres never get appointed “Goodwill Ambassadors”. Instead, let us appoint some famous pretty actress! Pathetic.

TheFoolOnTheHill, Darlington, United Kingdom, 1 hour ago: People ‘Follow’ the column-inches-carrying pretty actress on their twittlers… thus granting wider exposure, understanding and appreciation of the incredible work that those ‘thousands of women’ are doing. Don’t for one tiny second think that they are not permanent fixtures in the hearts and minds of many.

Adam, London, United Kingdom, 1 hour ago: @TheFoolOnTheHill. Please stop making excuses for the UN. The media and the UN should report on the true heroines at the frontline working with women in war zones instead of appointing celebrities because they have a vacuous group of admirers that “Follow” them.

Adam has a full working brain. This venture for La Watson serves two fronts. The first it gives her attention. It keeps her relevant. It’s not like her acting career is taking off. The second is it’s more idealistic BS that gets her praise. all her fans will care about is how worldly and caring she seems. Anyone else is not going to bother to notice. We all have our own lives and struggles we’re dealing with of which none are predominantly gender related if you live in the 1st world.

Don’t you think someone like Malala would be more effective? Doesn’t she capture the true meaning for Heforshe instead of some white girl born into the middle class and later became a wealthy actress?

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Meh, just another celeb doing some campaign. I respect celebs like Patrick Stewart, Angelina Jolie and Leo diCaprio more because they're really committed. Emma still has tons to prove. I am not surprised she would get praises, those aforementioned celebs do to. It's nothing special.

Ed Bagley, Jr an actor and green activist said it best, “Washington And Hollywood Are A Lot Alike, Illusions, Special Effects, Smoke And Mirrors”. The U.N is just macro to Hollywood micro if you will. Me personally I don’t trust politicians, lawyers, holy men, tax collectors or celebrities. Because it’s all about money. You have it and they need it. They’ll say anything to get it.

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major moment where she experienced any form of oppression was when she was 8 and allegedly was told she was bossy for wanting to direct a movie. - What?? Seriously that was the example of oppression from her life? LOL.

Yep. Go to the ask where I provided the link for her speech. 

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The wage gap has been debunked thousands of times by economists, even feminist economists. Women take lower paying jobs, and if you are being paid less due to your gender, sue the company. There are laws against it. Just go to your break room and read the,. I'm so tired of feminists using these false stats because it makes us less credible.

^^good point

If companies really paid one gender less compared to the other they would only hire the cheapest gender to save costs.

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Personally, I don't really care that emma is giving this feminist speech because feminism is filled with so much hypocrisy, it hurts. I'm a lover of old feminism with heroes like Alice Paul and Susan b Anthony, but today, feminism has become about slut walks, shaming men, and propagating false statistics, so this happens to be one of the few things EW does that doesn't really bother me that much.

So it seems. One thing I noticed on the ONTD link if the constant reference to neckbeards. That word is a very degrading and antagonistic thing. Part of the reason I prefer humanism over feminism is because of feminists like that and those on this website. How can you shame or ridicule someone and expect them to help and respect you? 

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I would've liked her if she is humble and unassuming, you know. But I guess HP fandom put me off big time. So many stans and pervs there.

I feel you. Her lies, hypocrisy and contradictions put me off big time. Her stans and part of the HP fandom tossed gasoline on the fire a few times. 

I’ve followed her with People Tree, Camfed, etc and trust me when I tell you this UN gig is more about exposure for her. It’s about her ego and how highly she thinks of ehrself. 

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I think this is logically the only thing she can do publicly if acting doesn't work for her. By having a good image and connections, I am sure all charity foundations would love to have her. She won't get the same fame level, of course, but it would still keep her in the news.

Yeah and her stans will even be more unbearable lol

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Of course people would praise her, she has been cultivating that nice persona for years. I don't think she's a terrible person, but I know that her public image is at least very fake. The UN only wants her because she's famous and has the intelligent image. She's pretty good with the media when she's scripted and this is one of the best example of that.

She has demographic they’re shooting for. The tweener, teenagers and college age types are their targets. She was Hermione and Emma has a well protect but not perfect image if you really take a look but nonetheless she’s has that good public image (although fake) the UN looks for. 

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I am afraid that she truly believes that doing something important. She lives in one big bubble. It's sad.

It’s important for countries that need it. But the thing about more women in politics is when it comes to democracies and voting, etc. The candidates and elected official are chosen by the voters. So maybe there a women with a bad platform going against a man with a more accepted one. I don;t know how they expect more women in government when the people pick who represents them. In communists countries or palces like Saudi Arabia womne stand nochance. 

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Men are paid more overall because they take on more dangerous jobs & make up 97% of all on the job deaths. - yeah, but the wage gap situation is when men and women are doing the same job. And about taking time off to take care of kids - well somebody of parents has to. If you didn't know - kids don't raise themselves. And what exactly stops men from doing it? Why can't they say "I have sick child at home, can't work today"? Or use paternity leave? In my country they can and many do....

"yeah, but the wage gap situation is when men and women are doing the same job."

Then it’s broken down on experience and education of which if a seasoned female doctor leaving the field due to retirement will have a pay scale much higher than the male doctor right out of med school. If you work at McDonalds you get paid the same wages. Now if you’re a manager you get paid more. Plus there are laws against pay bias and discrimination so it’s impossible for employers to get away with that kind of gender inequality. 

"If you didn’t know - kids don’t raise themselves. And what exactly stops men from doing it?"

I think choice is why they don’t. More women choose to be stay at home moms. I think they meant after childbirth and not a sick day. My dad took days off from work a few times when i was sick. My parents used to take turns. Also the first few years of the childs life and leading up to his/her first day of school is where alot women take off or work part time. If they can afford childcare that means the mom could work a fulltime job instead of part time. 

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Eh, good for her, I guess? You know that people would praise her for this and I think that's the reason she does this campaign. I guess she probably thinks acting is not for her (considering her current abysmal career, I don't blame her) and now she wants to focus on charity? Tbh, I don't really care, haha~ I just want her to retire from acting.

Yeah but let me know when she writes her own stuff or actually visits places like where Malala came from. I want to see her with a Burka or veil on walking the streets of Yemen trying to drum up support for HeforShe. Right now her major moment where she experienced any form of oppression was when she was 8 and allegedly was told she was bossy for wanting to direct a movie. Oh the humanity, Emma! Of which is peculiar when you take into consideration her recent claims within the last few years that acting and being in the movies never really interested her until recently. But at 8 she wanted to direct? 

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Well, the responses to that speech have been positive, much like everything that she has done publicly, except acting and modeling, of course. I think it's a worthy cause, but I still think she's not the right person to spearhead a campaign like this. Most of women's issues happen in third world so someone like Malala is a better choice, not a white rich privileged female from first world like her.


I can’t think of a legitimate issue for the first world tbh. Men and women do have their fair share of social issues, norms and expectations, etc  which balances one another out. 

But her smug cloud fits in with the rest of them hovering over the UN. That organization is the worst. I’m not just saying it because of Emma. I have never liked the U.N. It’s a corrupt collection of world government with shady agendas.

Why are they not holding these events in 2nd and 3rd world countries? That’s where they need to raise awareness and to get men on board. Heforshe in first world countries would lead to gender socialism where men pay for more. Then that would be an inequality issue. Impoverished nations it would be about rights. Isn’t that what it’s about? Rights?

You know one place this is needed is Saudi Arabia where women can’t drive and they get beaten for just about everything they do without a male family member. I read a story of a woman who was sentenced to 50 lashes because she drove a sick relative to the hospital. Like wtf?